Harp Inn Drinks

Great music with the right food and drink makes for a great night at the Harp Inn.

The Harp Inn Irish Pub

No point in having a great pub, unless you have some great beers.
Below you will find what we have on offer.

In 20oz glass... because size matters!
Guinness - Harp - Smithwicks - Newcastle - Stella Artois - Blue Moon - Coors Light - Kilkenny - Sculpin IPA - Strongbow Cider

Heineken - Corona - Miller Light - Budweiser - Bud Lite - Coors Light - Amstel Light - O'Douls - Michelob Ultra - Carlsberg - Pacifico - Dos Equis

Chardonnay - Cabernet - Merlot

Splits & 750ml Bottles

Full range of spirits and cocktails. Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream.

The Harp Inn Irish Pub

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The Harp Inn is available for parties, fundraisers and functions. We can cater for any occasion and provide food and music.

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The Harp Inn Irish Pub

Home is where the Harp is...